About this blog

This is a personal blog, containing my personal opinions. They are certainly not the opinions of any company that I've ever worked for or was ever involved with.

If you don't like anything I've said, please feel free not to read any further.

If you want to comment on anything, feel free to drop me an email: pete at peterjbrennan dot com.

This blog is running on a raspberry pi on a shelf by the door in my home. I had a pi knocking about, and wanted to see if a website on it would give decent performance, So I wrote a couple of posts just to test the page-load speed. Then, due to the current unpleasantness, I found I had time to write more posts, so I kept going. I may run out of steam in a week or two - who knows.

I have deployed a lot of sites for clients over the years, but usually with CPU-intensive back-end processing, so I've used most of the cloud companies and several data centers. Self-hosting on a pi is fun, and hey, maybe I'll write a post about it sometime.

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